Helping Christian R&B, Pop, and CCM Music Artists Realize the Vision for their Songs.

We provide songwriting, production, engineering, and cover art services for new and established music artists.


We are Jose Perez and Alex Quintana, and together we form the artist, 5:19.We love putting our art out there for all to listen, but we also want to help others realize the dream of putting their music out there to bless others. Why? Because many are daunted by the work involved in doing what it takes to make their music sound "radio" ready. Despite the talent they have, they might lack the confidence, skills, or resources needed to fully produce their own music.As artists ourselves, we understand those challenges. We've had to learn how to produce from the ground up, making mistakes and learning from them along the way. We want to help those who want to share their Christian R&B, Pop, and CCM music with the world, and are looking for producers who understand their style. If this is you, please see our "Services" page for more details.


Music Production


Includes co-writing, pre-production, editing, and instrumentation. Send audio files with vocals. Once production is complete, we can also mix your song (see below).

Mixing and Mastering


Once a song is produced, it needs to be mixed and mastered so that it has that professional sounding quality. The good news is that we can also take care of that for you so that all your music production needs are met by working with us!

Custom Cover Art


Custom artwork for your song or album is important for making your music artistically presented for streaming platforms and promotional tools. We can work with you to create a visual that represents the vision and message of your song or album.

** Special Offer **

We love making songs come to life. So, if you commit to working with us on more than one song, we will give you a 20% discount on each song after the first!


Check out some of the music we've worked on below!

Get Started


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3. Sign producer agreement and submit 50% of the total project cost so we can get started

3. We start making music together!


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